Becky Cloonan poster for Rock Sound
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This is sort of speculation on my part, but Becky Cloonan (the artist for the upcoming Killjoys comic) is doing an A2 poster for Rock Sound and posted what is probably a teaser. It's Frank and Mikey as Fun Ghoul and the Kobra Kid and, I assume, fighting some Draculoids. I have no idea when the issue comes out but will definitely try to grab it when it does.

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corbae, raven
Written by Shahlin Graves
Monday, 22 November 2010 23:37

We discussed Psychedelic gangs, sci-fi laser gun battles in the desert, staples of American society slowly disappearing, corporations controlling lives, operating outside of our perception of reality - everything began to come together very fast.Collapse )


Killjoys Comic 2010
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“What I would like to say is that it's a complete and total departure from anything I've done in 'Umbrella Academy.' It's almost like a strange kind of love letter to the really great comics of the '90s that kind of pushed things,” the writer continued. “If 'Umbrella Academy' is me taking a look at, among many other things, 'Doom Patrol,' 'Killjoys' is me, with my co-writer Shaun Simon, taking a look at when the best stuff was going on in the '90s, things like 'Invisibles' and stuff like that. It's a mature readers title, which is another first. We specifically wanted 'Umbrella Academy' to be an all ages title. This thing is going to deal with much more mature and controversial themes, such as hate crimes and homophobia, the homogenization of American culture and American life. 'Umbrella Academy' is set in its own world, with its own rules; 'Killjoys' is set in modern America. I find that sometimes you can say a lot when you're dealing in our times, with what people can relate with right now. It starts off at the end of the '90s and picks up today. I would say it's more violent, heavily, and deals with much stronger themes.”

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